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Chlorine Mystery Solved

Following the installation of in-pipe drinking water quality monitoring sondes, distribution engineers discovered an occasional significant disparity between the Intellisondes’ data and results from grab samples tested by a photometer tablet (DPD) method. For most of the time, there was close agreement between the two methods, but periodically, the photometer results varied wildly, whilst the in-pipe monitor showed relatively stable values. As a multiparameter monitor, the Intellisonde was able to provide clues which ultimately lead to the successful identification of the problem.

Intellitect launches new generation of in-pipe monitors

The Intellisonde Version 2 (IV2) is a an improved version of its predecessor; it represents a quantum leap in performance. The two key differences are: firstly, calibration is now embedded in every individual sonde at the time of manufacture, which substantially reduces the time and resources required for field calibration during installation. Secondly, a new advanced chlorine sensor has been developed for greater accuracy and faster response times.

New applications for Intellisondes unveiled at WWEM 2012

The Intellisonde water quality monitors were first launched at WWEM 2008 and product specialist Jo Cooper says “Intellitect’s involvement in the 2012 event will provide visitors with feedback on the many unique advantages of the technology from applications all over the world.”

In-pipe monitors turn dreams into reality

The quality of tap water has improved enormously in recent decades, but for largely technological reasons, until recently, knowledge of water quality between the treatment works and the tap has been an almost impossible dream for water treatment and distribution network managers.  Intellitect Water looks at the ways in which the challenges have been overcome in order to turn that dream into reality.

New Staff at Intellitect

As part of the company's commitment to customer support and innovation Intellitect Water continues to employ new talent.

Intellitect monitor for turbidity and flow

Intellitect Water has launched a new version of the Intellisonde in-pipe water monitor that has been designed specifically to help decisions relating to both water quality and network hydraulics.    

New remote data collection and web display capability

Intellitect Water has launched a new remote data collection and web display capability, known as ‘Intellitect Gateway’, that will enable the managers of water distribution networks to view water quality data in real-time.

New technology for water monitoring in Russia

Water quality instrumentation specialist Intellitect Water has announced a new distribution partnership in Russia for the company's flagship IntellisondeTM in-pipe water quality monitor.
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